Allusion In Like A Lion

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One internal expectation that makes it hard for Junior to succeed is that because he is Indian he won't succeed. "But we reservation Indians don't get to realize our dreams. We don't get those chances" (13). This causes Junior problems, because it makes it so he gives up on escaping, and becoming successful. "I wanted to have it better, but I didn't deserve it" (41). Junior overcomes this expectation by going to Rearden, and doing well on the basketball team, and by doing well grade wise. "And then I took my three-pointer and buried it. Just swished that sucker" (193). "English A, Geology B+, Geometry A, History A-, P.E A, Computer Programming A, Lets-Make-Birdhouses Woody Shop B-" (214). One external expectation that is making
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An allusion from the last twenty chapters is the chapter title "In Like a Lion" (179). This allusion comes from Thomas Fullers 1732 compendium Gnomologia: Adagies, and Proverbs; Wise Sentences and Witty Sayings, Ancient and Modern, Foreign, and British. The concept is referring to march, and how it starts in winter, and ends in spring. This relates to the chapter in the novel, because Junior is coming back to the reservation for a basketball game, and is treated harshly. These two concepts relate because they both refer to a harsh entrance. Junior probably used this allusion to show how he was harshly thrust back into the eyes of the …show more content…
"so I made a long walk by myself I did follow the train tracks and pretty quick daddy did have comings after me" (5). This shows how she is so naïve that she walks on the train tracks to find her mom in Heaven since her dad told her that she was taken on a train to Heaven. "jerry went away to have the long sleep" (105). This shows how she is still naïve, but is improving a bit since she understands death a little more. "I can tell God that I saw johnny reeves that night daddy did get a bullet through him. And I did think if I tell God in johnny reeves' own church God does know what to do" (141). This example shows that Esther is becoming more responsible, and is understanding death, and knows how to

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