Essay on Allport And Maslow : Side By Side

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Allport and Maslow: Side by Side
Gordon Allport’s theory of personality takes a unique approach to classifying individual personalities because he believed that (Schultz 2015) “Personality traits have the predispositions to respond, in the same or a similar manner, to different kinds of stimuli; that traits are measured on a continuum and are subject to social, environmental, and cultural influences motivating us to seek appropriate stimuli, and they interact with the environment to produce behavior” (197). Allport’s theory bases its assumptions on both physical and psychological factors. Allport’s individual structure of a personality describes an individual’s unique characteristics that define his or her personality. He refers to these characteristics as personal dispositions, which includes cardinal dispositions, central dispositions, and secondary dispositions (198). According to Allport, a cardinal trait is so pervasive and influential that it touches almost every aspect of a person’s life; it is a powerful source that dominates behavior. Cardinal dispositions are not part of everyone’s personality, but tend to dominate or take precedence over other characteristics; cardinal dispositions can include characteristics, such as womanizing, extreme chauvinistic, and homophobic tendencies, which appears to be part of Charlie Sheen’s characteristics. A central trait describes our behavior, such as aggressiveness, self-pity, and cynicism. Secondary traits, which appear much…

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