Essay on Allowing Crossbow Hunting Near Schools and Hospitals

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| Allowing Crossbow Hunting Near Schools and Hospitals | A Recipe for Disaster | | Richard Eastman | 2/27/2013 |

Composition, DVUO, Professor: Geoffrey Smith, 2/15/13

Seven -year-old Aryanna Schneeberg was innocently playing outside her home on May 20th, 2012. She was playing with her sister and a friend when suddenly she was struck with an arrow. “The arrow entered her back, puncturing her lung, her stomach, diaphragm and liver”(Roberts, 2012). This is a scary scenario for everyone involved and it happens in yards across America every year. Crossbows near schools and
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After two weeks speech had returned, relatives noticed a personality change”
(Cleary, 1990, p.225-227). Children as young as 10 can acquire a free hunting license in New Jersey. Taxpayers pay for the hunting licenses. The children must complete a hunter safety course." In 2004 there were 445 hunting accidents and of those 103 involved children. Of the 103, at least 20 were fatal”(Accidents). There are a large number of hunting accidents in which the parent to which child or the child killed the parent (Accidents). Children lack the mental and emotional maturity to make split-second life and death decisions. The second reason crossbows should not be allowed near schools and hospitals is because users can get hurt. On October 22, 2012 a hunter was attaching a haul line onto a cocked and loaded crossbow when all of a sudden the crossbow discharged. The arrow entered the left side of his neck into his head. The hunter did not survive (Wisconsin, 2012). A 39-year old deer hunter shot himself in the foot with a crossbow. He was putting it away and he de-cocked it when it went off (Maryland) .A 47-year old man shot himself in the head with an arrow. He was intoxicated. Alcohol and crossbows do not mix. Crossbow injuries are rare or reported seldomly (European Journal of Trauma,2002). A hunter sustained hand and wrist injuries while hunting. The midshaft broke while he was trying to shoot a crossbow. This injury is consistent with a low

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