Alliteration In Annabel Lee

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Edgar Allen Poe is well-known for his stories of mystery, death and horror in American fiction. He creates genres of different stories and captures every reader and gives them something to imagine. He is also known as “The Father of Detective Stories” because he plays fact and fiction together so well. Poe’s poem, “Annabel Lee,” describes his favorite topic which is death. The name of the poem, “Annabel Lee,” is added to the list of dead women that Poe refers to in his real life. Annabel is very young in this story and the age is a similarity in Poe’s life because of his wife being thirteen when he met her. The poem shows child-like ways and also gives the older audience a view of romance. Poe illustrates the childhood love for Annabel to …show more content…
That was the reason…” (Annabel Lee, 1849) Unfortunately, the angels are the antagonist in the poem. Angels are often represented as the ones who are guiding, showing grace and beauty but Poe wanted them to be symbolized as darkness in the poem. Poe shows alliteration when he explains the angels being “half so happy” and he refers back to this several times as Annabel’s lover repeatedly blames them. The angels don’t exactly defeat the two lovers by killing Annabel. Annabel’s lover states how their bond is too strong for anyone to destroy it even if Annabel is dead and that can be an allusion to the religious readers. The angels and demons were both against the two lover’s relationship; so in that case, there is nothing representing a holy or an evil …show more content…
Nothing good comes in the end, all Annabel’s lover had were memories of her. Poe included such beauty to the story by letting the main character die because it still gave Annabel the “spotlight” and it brought a lot of emotion for the readers to feel. Poe really gave this poem simplicity at its best! There was love and death and it ended with such suspense of no happily ever after, just memories for the speaker in the poem. Poe is well-known for capturing his audience with suspense and writing about dead women. Poe wrote this poem with the foundation of love but he doesn’t stay on the bright side of it, he shows a more serious and deep part about love that does happen in reality. Poe’s own personal life experiences are played out in his stories, like shown in “Annabel Lee” there isn’t always a happy ending in love and it doesn’t always

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