Essay on Allies And Opponents

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5. Allies and Opponents The problem of step families is something that is becoming more and more common these days. That is why all the support is needed that we can get. At Blended Family Getaway Camp we plan to work state, local and national allies to make the camp the best we can. Locally we plan to work with Pittsburgh Parent and local support groups through Meet Up around the area. Sate wide we plan to work with Family Resources and Family Resource and Counseling Center. Nationally we plan on working with National Step family Resource Center and Blended Family. The only opponents we see for our program is getting the funding to keep our camp running.
Local Allies
Pittsburgh Parent - This part of the company comes from Honey Hill Publishing. This is website built especially for families that are the move. There is also a monthly magazine you can subscribe to if you prefer a physical copy. Pittsburgh Parent discusses all types of parent topics including step families and blended families. They also offer events the families can go and support each other. Discussion boards are also somewhere parents can go and support each other and offer each other advice on how to get through difficult situations. They also offer recipes that the family can make together, vacation and activity ideas for the family. They offer referrals to services on their website and in the magazine.
Meet Up
- Meet up is a service that connects people together based on specific needs and their…

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