Allie 's First Kiss On The Lips Essay

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Allie’s first kiss on the lips was everything and more she had hoped it would be. It was tender and sweet and caused sensations in her body that she had never before experienced. It left her weak in the knees and short of breath, as had each kiss since then, thought Allie as she sat there thinking back, remembering the last four months.
“Oh, bearer of my heart,” mumbled Allie, gazing across the lake to the new growth of Spanish moss that hung like old men’s beards from the tall cypress trees… The color of the moss reminded her of Thomas’s eyes. It had been over a month since she had felt his tender touch upon her skin or gazed into his moss green eyes. Now, all this talk of war threatened to separate them even further. His ship was due to dock at Port Royal any day now to offload cargo; he would then be near enough that she could hold him in her arms again… how did I let myself get this way - how can someone completely consume ones thoughts?
Allie sighed heavily. The last thing her great-grandmother Maples had told her was that “Flesh needs flesh to form a strong foundation.” When she saw that Allie did not understand her meaning, she then told her that one day she would meet a man whose touch would astonish her by the feelings and sensations it caused her to feel.
“He will desire you in the bedroom- don’t turn him away, child. If you desire him too- your bodies will form a strong foundation.”
Although Allie did not dispute it to her grandmother, she had scoffed at the…

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