Allen Ginsberg And Robert Lowell's Poetry: Characteristics Of Confessional Poetry

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Indian English poetry since 1970 has been characterized by failure, hopes and despair, immediacy and anger, search and struggle for identity, human relationship and growing sense of dissatisfaction. It is a kind of strong reaction against romanticism and idealism of its predecessors. It not only tries to establish individuality and reconceptualise values but also tries to redefine culture. Poetry consists of verbal and contextual features, choice of words (diction), syntactic and semantic features. In this confessional poetry also plays a very important role. Confessional poetry” designates a type of narrative and lyric verse, given impetus by American Robert Lowell’s life studies (1959), which deals with the facts and intimate mental and physical experiences of the poet’s own life. Confessional poems were written by Allen Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton and including Kamala Das. The confessional poet deals in their poetry with personal emotional experiences …show more content…
Focussing on the poem as a confessional poem , ‘I don’t know politics, but I know the names of those in power. It shows her dictates for politics is considered a domain for men. Next comes her defiant language she likes. Her reply to her critics is a reiteration of the appropriation of a colonial language to serve native needs. Through dreams require a medium Kamala Das echoes that the medium is not as significant as is the comfort level that one requires and leading to another feature of confessional poetry of lyrical craftsmanship as she puts the rhetorical questions beginning with the “wh” questions word “why” in the beginning of the poem .The essence of one’s thinking is the prerequisite to writing. It possesses a coherence of its own: an emotional

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