Allegory In The Truman Show

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The Truman Show is about a man (Burbank Truman) who was adopted by a television show, raised in a dome, and filmed without having any knowledge of it. He lives in the perfect neighborhood, has the “perfect” stereotypical blonde wife, outstanding job, but yet, believes he’s missing something. The movie gives us many clichés which motivate us to debate whether if he’s happy or not.
The construction of the luxurious city in Plato was because Socrates believed the other city did not fulfil the desires, needs, and expectations people and himself had. In comparison to the old city, the luxurious city was the perfect place; everyone depended, protected, and would help each other. Some were in charge of farming; others would cook, babysit, or sew.
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After being freed and stepping into the sun for the first time may be uncomfortable at first, but after a while when he finally views the sky and the sun, he’ll come to the conclusion that the sun represents The Form of the good. The purpose to this allegory is that a real philosopher will go back and let others know about the real world and lead the way. If he does not do so, then this proves his disregards towards others and cares for no one but …show more content…
He went back for his best friend to share his thoughts and abandon Safe Haven. Instead of neglecting his best friend Marlon, he went back to convince him to go to Fiji.
Popular culture and the cave allegory help understand the Truman Show starting with living in the perfect city. Luxurious city sounds just like Safe Haven. Socrates and Christoph both aim for the same goal, and that is to maintain a healthy atmosphere for those living there. People from the cave allegory are lied to like Truman, but, according to Socrates and Christoph, it was for a noble reason. Christoph’s objective was to keep Truman safe and live a normal life with no issues or concerns of any kind. Socrates goal was to choose the best to become guardians then rulers of the city.
Popular culture in The Truman Show teaches us what are the expectations from us, which is to go to school, get a degree, get married, have a family, and work for the rest of our lives. On The Truman Show, we’re presents two different life stories, Truman’s and his best friends Marlon. Truman 's life is beyond perfect.But, Marlon on the other hand, restocks vending machines for a living. We’re being told two things: you either get a career and be successful or be

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