Was The Crucible An Allegory Or Just Befunky?

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The Crucible: Allegory, Or Just Befunky?
Was the events in the Crucible a witch hunt?, crusade?, or just plain lust-lead Manslaughter?

The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an allegory for the Red Scare in the McCarthy Era because Abigail had no solid evidence that those she accused were actual witches (she only had her own word), Mccarthy accused hundreds of being Communists, and Mccarthy had a claim that the only proof was on a piece of paper,

Abigail Williams had no solid evidence that those she accused were actual witches (she only had her own word) However those who believed her followed her almost blindly…

As Abigail claimed more and more people had pledged themselves to the Devil the number of accused grew and so did the anxiety, people
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This claim caused several events that were similar in picture to the events caused by Abigail. Back then, the power that was thought to be of god was the power given to the church’s leader, anything else was from the devil, and logic forbid that the devil wants anything other than destruction and evil. Those pledged to the devil were evil, servants to Satin and only want the same as the devil.
Witchcraft and Sorcery are powers given only by Satin! Those who use it do not deserve to live!” -Anonymous

Using her exotic claims, Abigail killed several people via hanging because she “proved” were witches and pledged to the devil. Mccarthyism caused events and trials that caused several to lose their lives due to “committing treason” by being Communists.
Occasionally people managed to get wise to Abigail, making her less powerful or other times they would reveal her true intentions, however, those who did so risked their lives. The girls would suddenly would shriek in terror and claim that they saw a phantom of the person that said their claims of the witches and pledged were false… In the events that created Mccarthyism, people started to get wise to Mccarthy but could not say anything because then they would be added to the doomed list of
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Mccarthy was a creature of similar nature, stripped of rational thinking, he was consumed by greed and lust. All he wanted was more power, regardless of how he had to get it.

Joseph Mccarthy accused hundreds of being Communists. Regardless of who they were.

When Mccarthy went on his Anti-Communist Crusade, the entire USA suffered, not to mention no one was safe. When the numbers increased, the people started to believe him more easily. However later in his Communist hunt, as he started to accuse those in the military and higher up, the people started to doubt Mccarthy’s claims and his influence slowly decreased…
Abigail Williams had such a grip on the people in Salem, that not a single soul would second guess those she claimed to have pledged to the Devil… Or so she thought… she didn’t have the power/influence she thought she had. When Abigail tried to claim that those who were pure of such evils, Judge Danforth rebuked her and soon after she fled Salem.

And there you have it, the solid proof that Mccarthyism and the Crucible are indeed related and the Crucible is indeed an Allegory for Mccarthyism and the text above proves it.

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