All the Worlds a Stage by William Shakespeare Essay

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“All The World’s a Stage” by William Shakespeare “All The World’s a Stage” by William Shakespeare is a short poem comparing our lives and the many stages we have to a theatrical play and the many rolls an actor plays in them. William Shakespeare identifies the seven stages a person goes through in life. Infancy, the stage where he is a baby introduced to the world, crying and puking in the nurse’s arms. Childhood, this is the stage where he is growing up and starting school with no enthusiasm. The lover, this is the stage where he has a mistress and falls in love with her, while he tries to sing her a song he can’t look into her eyes because he’s so shy. The soldier is when he tries to keep his reputation thinking less of himself and …show more content…
This poem also has some rhyme in it but not much. You will not find rhyme in the same line. In line 7 he uses the word “whining” and in line 8 he uses the word “shining” to describe the schoolboy, which both words rhyme with each other. He doesn’t feel the need to have to rhyme so much in this poem for one to fully understand the metaphor he is conveying. He also uses repetition in the last line of the poem. As he says “sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans

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