All I Know Is What I Read in the Papers - Will Rogers

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"All I Know Is What I Read In The Papers" - Will Rogers

There have been many criteria over the past few centuries that measured one's political clout and influence: divine right, property, money, and acquaintances. In the twentieth century, particularly the past two decades, the political power to influence others resides in information: the more information you have and the more you know how to use it, the more potential influence you have. People rely on the media for their information, as it is the most easily accessible, efficient, and passive way of acquiring knowledge. Unfortunately, the media is not completely reliable as it can and has been manipulated by politicians, their parties, and their governments. This makes the
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This ad was meant to persuade
Quebec citizens to vote no as Canada is very generous to them. Politicians in Quebec also took advantage of the indirect media advertising when they recited political rhetoric to reporters hoping it will be printed: Pierre Paradis , Liberal House Leader, said the poll numbers suggest that the No side's message that separation is the real issue is getting through to the public. "The more the stakes become clear…the more people will be inclined to say No"(11).

This statement by the Liberal House leader works just as well as a paid advertisement as a result of it being short, concise, and the main messages are clear: separation is the real issue and the clear person, that is to say the person with clarity of mind, will vote no.

"Corruption may then be seen as just one of the many ways a person can persuade someone who exercises public authority so long as the power-holder acts within the rules".(12)

Not all politicians in power try to corrupt others through the media, as the quotation may suggest, but politicians have used the media to influence, change, or even confuse peoples' views on issues of state. This trend goes as far back as Nazi Germany when the streets of Germany were littered with propaganda posters and literature condemning other countries and their ideologies, for instance: (found below a

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