Essay on All Writers Are Passionate About Writing

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All writers are passionate about writing. Few writers, however, are fortunate enough to make a living off of their calling, or even to publish a book. In today 's modern world of consumerism, being an author on a full-time basis is no longer an option for more than an elite few. The majority of published authors are also productive members of society in another sense, taking on some other form of gainful employment.
To find out more about this double life of an author, I managed to procure an interview with Struan Sinclair, who on top of being a professor at the University of Manitoba, has published three books, with a fourth currently in the publishing process. For Sinclair, writing has always been a big part of his life. When asked why he wrote, his simple answer was that he couldn 't not write. His straightforward, concise way of explaining his lifestyle offered an equally sharp look at the inside life of a writer, as well as the art of balancing his passion with his second job of teaching.
The well-tuned focus that characterizes Sinclair 's speech also extends to the way he writes. Never without anything to say, Sinclair has never experienced writer 's block. Two to three hours a day are spent at a shared studio where he does the bulk of his writing, though he still takes jot notes away from the studio. A self-proclaimed chronic reviser, Sinclair takes four to five years to finish one piece before sending it off for publication. He attributes his success to his editing…

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