Essay about All Through Bram Stoker 's Dracula

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All through Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897), the use of the well known catholic symbols are used for protection from the anti-Christ. Catholic symbols like the rosary, the cross, prayer ritual, and the Holy Communion Host are used for protection to overcoming the evil Count Dracula. Stoker places Catholic symbols to defend and fight the evil of Count Dracula. From the beginning of Dracula, these symbols are used to say that Protestant modernity alone will not get you through life’s struggles. Catholic symbols are used to show that it is still important and that these traditions should not go away. Even now in 2015, these catholic symbols are still in use for more serious situations such as exorcisms. These symbols are shown as very powerful objects.
One of the most identifiable Catholic symbols, the crucifix, is used throughout the novel and is portrayed as an object to ward off vampires. The crucifix is a cross with Jesus ' body hanging from it. It emphasizes Christ dying for our sins and His forgiveness. The characters carry a crucifix with them to ward off Count Dracula and his evil.
Dracula stands as an anti-Christ satanic figure. His appearance of pale skin, pointed ears, fangs, and flaming eyes looks devilish. Dracula’s blood thirst is a perversion of Christian ritual, as it extends his physical life but cuts him off from any form of spiritual existence. Those who fall under the Count’s spell, are cursed with physical life that is eternal but soulless. Stoker takes…

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