All Those Self Appreciation For Not Committing Suicide Went Away

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Alisha was incredulous. All those self-appreciation for not committing suicide went away. It was her destiny. She loathed herself for not dying early and easily. That uneven brow of her life was ending. It was moments before her flesh would be flying across the compartment and then, chaos would follow. All the television sets in India would turn to her. Her blood would be shown and those hypocrites in the assembly would deliver written speeches and fake cries would be tossed. Her family would cry. And then she would be forgotten.
That energy which surrounded her when she woke up from that nightmare yesterday, died. And she closed her eyes. She had woken up. But it was time to go back to sleep. In that time, everything flashed before her eyes. And one face stood apart from all. Just a random guy whose name she didn’t know, and that face took her back to the beginning…
His spectacles were skewed. The book on which he had put his head was Alisha’s favourite book. She twitched her lips as she saw him dribbling on that smelly yellow page. Even from where she was sitting, Alisha could hear faint rhythmic snoring. She shook her head and concentrated on the magazine in her hand. In his oversize jacket, he looked like a giant caterpillar with a small head.
Loud disturbing noise coming from the speakers broke his nap and he sheepishly blinked several times. He caught Alisha’s gaze and smiled. Alisha’s eyes went wide and she turned her gaze. She got up and collected her luggage.…

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