All The People Like Us Are We, And Everyone Else Is They Essay examples

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“All the people like us are we, and everyone else is They” (Kipling). This quote by Rudyard Kipling is the essence of the problems facing strangers every day. In the articles “Strangers” by Toni Morrison and “Stranger in the Village” by James Baldwin, the latter serves to provide a first-person point-of-view of the experiences in Morrison’s essay. By examining James Baldwin’s experience as a stranger in a secluded Swiss village, which serves to strengthen the theme of “Strangers,” Baldwin’s experience demonstrates how people in a community can frame a stranger 's identity. This experience allows the reader to see what Morrison is doing to her stranger. “Stranger in the Village” serves as a lens when examining the theme of Morrison’s article by portraying the stranger’s point of view as well as examining how images and other outside forces shape the perceptions of others. Morrison’s article is a common example of how people treat others when they do not know them, but James Baldwin’s experience in “Stranger in the Village” gives voice to the stranger described in Morrison’s short story. Baldwin’s article emphasizes the role of the stranger as an individual, not a person belonging to a preconceived group. The subsequent anger and backlash the author manifests toward the mysterious women in the story is a recurring problem that people face when meeting someone new or exploring a new place. “Stranger in the Village” conveys the necessity of treating every person as an…

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