All The Light We Can Not See Essay

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Society today is accepting of the differences and nuances that make people who they are. However, it has not always been so tolerant. The novel All the Light We Cannot See, shows how intolerant people affect society during World War Two. By the way, the government is brainwashing the German society, the treatment of women, and by the way, children miss out on growing up and learning to make their own decisions shows these effects. In 1934, Marie-Laure LeBlanc is the daughter of a widowed master locksmith at the Museum of Natural History in Paris. Marie-Laure suffers from rapidly deteriorating eyesight before becoming fully blind at the age of 6. During the 1940 's, an increasing recognition of intolerance leads to the attempted genocide of Jews, homosexuals, and the disabled. The novel shows how an intolerant society limits peoples ' potential to be their own person. Anthony Doerr, the author, shows how an intolerant German society affects all ages and inhibits them from having an independent mind.
A person 's view of the world should be their own to control. In Germany, this is not the case. The government wants to control society 's views, and the information available to the public. Officials want people who do not conform to the German ideal to be powerless: "Voluntary surrender of firearms. Anyone who does not cooperate will be shot" (150). The government says that it is voluntary, but in turn, threaten their life if they neglect to surrender their weapons. This is…

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