Essay on All The 2016 Super Bowl Commercials

796 Words Jun 29th, 2016 4 Pages
Of all the 2016 Super Bowl commercials, the commercial I have concluded the most effective is the Hyundai commercial with Kevin Hart. However, effective is a subjective word in this case, but the criteria used in my perspective of it is that the commercial created a connection with the viewer, was able to be memorable, and set itself apart as more than “just a product”. Through a mix of storytelling, playfulness, and outrageous acts; Hyundai was able to achieve and surpass those criteria. The first thing that many people, from peers to big companies, pointed out about the Hyundai commercial was Kevin Hart. Hart is an extremely recognizable star for his hilarious comedy and his playful personality. Kevin Hart does not just “talk the talk”, so to say, he also “talks the talk” and looks the part. He is known for being the short, funny, crazy guy that everyone loves. From his standup shows, talk show appearances, movies, and even public events like the NBA celebrity All-Star game, Kevin Hart has created a brand of playfulness around himself. Having him play a father whose daughter is about to go on a date only adds more playfulness to a very serious topic. Car buying is a serious matter, and Hyundai brilliantly takes a serious moment that comes with car ownership and makes it seem playful to the viewer, all the while putting emphasis on the ability to track the car wherever it goes. Instead of buying a car now, you’re buying a vehicle that you feel at ease sending your daughter…

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