All Summer In A Day Sparknotes

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The short story All Summer In a Day by Ray Bradbury illustrates that someone who acts upon their jealousy can end up with a feeling of great regret. The other kids were jealous of Margot for almost everything she had and they hated her for it. She was different from the other kids in a way that she had something the other kids didn’t. She remembered the sun. The other kids resolved their jealousy by doing some terrible things. Jealousy can cause people to do things they wouldn’t if they were thinking correctly. Jealousy can cause much regret. In the story, all the kids were jealous of Margot. They wanted to remember the sun but they couldn’t. The only one that could was Margot and they hated her for it. They were also jealous that Margot gets to go back to Earth and see the sun everyday. They want what she has. When all of their jealousy built up, they couldn’t contain it. They were so jealous, they had to do something to get back at Margot. They decided to do something that will never be forgotten. In the story, the author explains that all the kids attacked Margot and forcefully pushed her into the closet against her will. While Margot was pounding at the door to get out and crying, the other kids walked back to the classroom with a smile on …show more content…
The other kids in Margot’s class did a terrible thing because they couldn’t control their jealousy. These kids regretted it immediately once they realized that what they had done was so terrible and could not be forgiven. They made a decision that they never would have made if they had thought about it or if their minds weren’t full of jealousy. It is a terrible idea to act upon jealousy because later in life that decision can cause a great feeling of regret. The kids acted upon their jealousy and made a rational decision that they would regret for the rest of their

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