Essay on All Quiet On The Western Front

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The literature written about soldiers in World War I all speak of the death that occurs on the front lines and the loss of morals that occur. In the writings of War by Luigi Pirandello, Dreamers by Seigfreid Sassoon, and The Next War by Wilfred Owen they all show the loss of innocence that happens not only to the soldiers on the front lines but everyone what has an affiliation with the war. War effects all facets of peoples lives in some way, and those who were most effects were undoubtedly the male youth of the fighting countries, however war still affects all those who were the family of all the men who went to battle. The novel All Quiet on the Western Front shows an indepth look at all the grotesque things men see during war and how they react to it while War by Pirandello shows the reactions of the parents of soldiers going through the same scenarios. There are multiple characters in the short story “War”, by Luigi Pirandello that have a child or children on the front lines of World War II. These parents show the theme of a loss of youth and innocence because they have to watch their children go to war. Throughout the short story the different couples debate which one of them is in the worse scenario. For instance one parent says, “You should thank God that your son is only leaving now for the front. Mine has been sent there the day of war. He has already come back twice wounded and been sent back again to the front.” In this story the parents are on a train…

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