Essay about All Quiet On The Western Front

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War changes soldiers physically and mentally. Soldiers who go to war and live their long periods of time experience the fear of how close death is and they do whatever is necessary to survive. They hide their fear of death, pain, and killing someone which impacts their psychological state of mind because of all the emotions that they are having to hide, no matter how strong or brave that person may be. They leave their loved ones and have to watch their best friends die on the battlefield which causes anxiety and destruction. Going to war is like marching to hell and hoping to come back in one piece, but people who go to war rarely come back in one piece because of how emotionally and psychosocially messed up their minds become from experiencing war. This is the kind of risk that people risk when they decide to serve for their country.
In the book, All Quiet on The Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque, she writes about young men who go off to serve the German army during World War One. At first the young men were excited about being soldiers, but they end up getting broken into pieces when they experience their first encounter in the trenches. A scholar argued “war is not about heroism, but about terror, either waiting for death or desperately trying to avoid it even if it means killing a complete stranger to do, about losing all dignity and values, about being an automaton.” Throughout the book, the character Paul Brauner experiences war for the first time and it shows…

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