All Quiet On The Western Front Essay

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Paul Baumer, a man who enlists with the German army with his fellow classmates in the time of World War I, and is the narrator of this story. The name of this story is called All Quiet On The Western Front and the authors name is Erich Maria Remarque. The German recruits all think that they could acquire metals and honor quickly; on the other hand though they figure out that it is not the case at all. The team has a terrible experience all together being a part of the war. The first enduring experience for the troop was dealing with Corporal Hemmelstoss. This man was the cruelest drill Sargent in their regiment that enforced large amounts of punishments for the smallest misdeeds done. The next grueling experience for the troops was when they had to fight in the trenches. The trenches did not suppress the loud bangs from bombs, or provide a safe escape route if needed, for these trenches are only somewhat helpful. Even though their moral does not drop, Paul and his regiment are in misery and disarray when they lose fellow soldiers. Paul has thought of a different life path before, but now he only believes that killing and relying on instincts is all he knows since him and his classmates recruited themselves at a young age. When Paul returns home on leave, he realizes that coming back home was not as great as he thought. Paul’s mother has cancer and she is put in the cheapest facility bedroom at the hospital because Paul’s family does not have the money to support her. Paul…

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