All Quiet On The Western Front Quotes Analysis

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Paul’s Lost Generation World War I had a great effect on the lives of Paul Baumer and the young men of his generation. All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque is a novel about several classmates who represent a generation destroyed by trenches and warfare. Their enlistment was encouraged by their school teacher, in whom they trusted. When Paul Baumer and a couple classmates are encouraged to go to war by their school teacher. They don’t experience life but only war, they became known as part of the lost generation. There are three pieces of evidence, one including Paul and his generation being separated from the rest of society. The second being he has no mental stability and lost their innocence, lastly he is physical and emotionally wrecked. Paul and his generation feel separated from the rest of society. Paul feels as if he does not belong anymore. Other men have worries, aims and desires that Paul does not have. After the terrible experiences that the soldiers went …show more content…
Paul did not know where his mind was, his stability is not the same as it was before he had enlisted. But the brother ship of the soldiers have helped Paul through this war. To Paul his friends in the war are more to him than life, in the quote “They are the strongest, most comforting thing there is anywhere...” This quote explains how close his comrades are to him and how much he cares about them, because it’s the only thing he has in the war. His buddies suffer the same amount of terror he does, this brings them closer. They have so much in common that they are like brothers. This helped Paul’s stability and wrecked mind come to comfort. Through All Quiet on the Western Front the novel shows how World War I had effected the Lost Generation. Paul and his comrades don’t know what normal is but all they do know is killing. The war had brought the soldiers together but separated them from

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