All Quiet On The Western Front And Adolf Eichmann Essay examples

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Paul Bauer from the novel All Quiet on the Western Front and Adolf Eichmann were both guilty of a lot, granted one character is a piece of historical fiction while the other is real, but how similar are they, really? Paul Bauer and other German soldiers committed atrocities upon the opposing armies during World War 1 such as the use chlorine gas. Adolf Eichmann is responsible for sending millions of Jewish people to what were essentially death camps, where some were worked to nigh death and others were killed outright, often times in gas chambers. Thus are they really all that different as both are responsible for massacring human lives, one simply did so on a battlefield and the other did so in an office. Both men were wrapped up in what seemed like an opportunity, and one they did not really have a chance to say no to. Both men were simply under the orders of their government, were directed by their superiors to do what they did and if they didn’t do it, there would be another loyal citizen to take their place. Most of all, both men were normal, simple people that had no business or background in killing. The similarities between these two men are frighteningly high. The greatest one is probably the fact they both seemed to enter their “line of work” in a similar fashion. Paul Bauer reminisces on how he, and his fellow class mates in high school, were almost conned into joining the war effort. He states “Yes, that’s the way they think, these hundred thousand Kantoreks!…

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