Essay on All Out Assault On Our Ignorance Of Food

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In February 2010, a remarkable chef and speaker, Jamie Oliver, presented himself to a TED (Technology, Education, Design) audience as ruthlessly real and charismatic. In his speech, “Teach Every Child about Food” he shares powerful stories of his anti-obesity project and makes the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food. Jaime Oliver’s speech aims to alter the perspective of Americans and their decisions about food and its effects. Since then, Oliver’s TED talk has been viewed across the nation and brought a reality to the issue with food education. Jamie Oliver successfully utilizes ethos, logos, and pathos to portray his belief that without the use of food education, America and its children will fall under the weight of its own obesity. The ethos presented in his speech confirms that Jamie Oliver is a valid source and encourages the audience to strongly consider his position. Oliver’s introduction, clear diction, and public speaking skills justify his reliability and allow the audience to clearly understand what he is fighting for. He introduces himself as a celebrity chef from Essex, England who is on a mission for food education. Even though Jamie Oliver is from England, he uses this to his advantage; he does not possess an American bias so his audience can trust that he is seeing the situation for what it really is. Oliver uses clear language by not using complicated medical terms or statistics; Oliver realizes he is not talking to just the experts in the…

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