All On Me Analysis

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Country songs are about stories. Every country song has some sort of message or meaning embedded within the lyrics or the music. From Jimmy Rodgers to Johnny Cash, then to George Strait and Garth Brooks, and now Sam Hunt and Brett Eldredge. All country music is just a country boy getting their feelings or stories out there. The song All On Me by Devin Dawson is no exception. All on me is about a guy and a girl. The guy sings to the girl how much he’s willing to do have her love. To gain her love he sings and tells her that she doesn't have to be alone in the trials of life. Not all country boys are hicks, some can express their feelings in a poetic way just as well as an artist. The musical elements are very complex and the way they coalesce …show more content…
He combined the classic country sounds of an acoustic guitar and the new age R&B music. The trick would be to make the country sound and story with some of the sound of R&B. The music is in the key of F major which is a very difficult chord on the acoustic guitar. You have to use your pointer finger to play three notes at the same time while your other fingers go to totally different areas of the fret board. The rest of the chords are relatively simple including the G major, A major and D major chords. During the beginning of the the song you can hear the acoustic guitar very well and this adds the basic country sound that all the classic country lovers can enjoy. The electric guitar adds most of the melody. Also, the bass guitar provides the deep heart beat of the song while the drums add the back bone. Once you move into the beginning of the vocals, all the melody elements fade away leaving the bass guitar, snare drum, bass drum, and Devin’s own voice. Slowly as you move further into the song the electric and acoustic guitar moves back into the melody starting as a enfasis on the no’s, downs, coaster, and inside. Then he starts to incorporate the electric guitar riffs more into the song. But as he moves into the introduction of the chorus then on “feel” all the guitars, and drums evaporates and gives the electric piano time in the spotlight and adds a gentleness of the song which reminds me of a hug and changes the feeling of the song. This adds the R&B music type. Then on “cuz” the rest of the instruments come back in and goes back into the mid-tempo country

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