All Of The Material Is Striking Essay

1052 Words Sep 17th, 2016 5 Pages
All of the material is striking to me. I cannot believe that I have been so blind to think that there was nothing this terrible happening in America. I always knew there was poverty, but to the level that I have witnessed lately, has been astounding. How are children going to school in buildings that are not even up to building code? As you hear the children describe the myriad of issues with the structure of the school such as, having to use an umbrella inside because of leaking roofs and missing windows, you can hear the disappointment and unhappiness in their voices. When you hear the children from the affluent school directly after that speak, you can hear the pride and sense of belonging they have. The children who are part of schools with archaic and crumbling structure are misfits who are congregated and developed in a desolate state. How can you expect children to learn when the building is not conducive to learning? There is nothing about the schools which are under-funded that emits the feeling of “Welcome to this building, let’s begin to build your future.”. I don’t believe that someone doesn’t notice this. Each day those children are put in danger. Each day those children enter that school expecting to better themselves, but they are at the mercy of an unpredictable disaster. Not only that, but they may come to school excited to learn, but faced with such an uninspiring building, lose hope throughout the day. Maybe it would take upwards of 10.2 billion dollars to…

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