Essay On All Men Are Created Equal

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Talking about Thomas Jefferson’s claim “All men are created equal I can say that he tried to peruse his statement to a lot of people during reconstruction era but it was not a big success. During Civil war, Jefferson was elected as Governor of Virginia which helped him to come on power and Lincoln was considered for presidency which he eventually won because of popular votes from south and his determination to prevent disunion of states. His determination of abolishing slavery gave him more votes for the army than anyone else. The Federal government proved itself supreme over the states. After the Civil war was over there were seven southern states that declared their Independence and decided to live as a new nation. The result of Civil war was clearly on northerner’s side as they had more advantages than southerners did. Northerners have more population, more military power than southern, they had great government, and the biggest factor that played role in their success was money as they had all industries in northern side they had great income of money .
After the Civil war Thomas Jefferson decided to authorized the Northwest ordinance, and prohibit the slavery in
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So, still there was racial discrimination in the world after civil war was over.
By all this above examples I conclude that Civil rights did not turn Thomas Jefferson’s thought “All Men are created Equal” in reality as still after the civil war, black people were not given the same privileges as the whites are given. They are not considered as slaves after this war, but still they are working for white people and the rich white people are ruling them. So I reject this statement and say that it is not fair to say that civil war turn the statement of Thomas Jefferson “All men are created equal” in

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