All Men Are Created Equal Essay example

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‘All men are created equal”, once said a brilliant Thomas Jefferson, but did our two authors of secondary sources believe this to be true when it came to Jefferson’s view on slavery or should his legacy be stained with the title of a hypocrite? Paul Finkelman, professor of law at Albany Law School and writer of “Jefferson and Slavery” , a secondary source bashing Jefferson’s hypercritical view on slavery stating Jefferson only talked about the emancipation of slavery, posing a poor interpretation pointing at Jefferson being a fraud. Douglas L. Wilson, Co-Director of the Lincoln Studies and Professor of English at Knox College, writes his own opinion on Jefferson and slavery in his article “Thomas Jefferson and the Character Issue”, a contradictory secondary source compared to that of Finkelman that argues we can’t be so fast to make “a silent assumption that because he practiced slave holding, Jefferson must have somehow believed in it,” proposing a non-hypercritical Jefferson. To add credibility and a better understanding to my own opinion on whose secondary source best interprets Jefferson’s hypercritical or non-hypercritical view I will use four different primary sources, official works from Thomas Jefferson from the time period, to support the better interpretation. Through support from my four primary sources I will provide proof why Wilson’s article, “Thomas Jefferson and the character issue”, is an incredibly more reasonable, structured, and developed…

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