Essay about All Men Are Created Equal By Mary Shelley

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Have humans ever accepted their creatures and listened to them as humans? Why does an immortal declaration “All Men Are Created Equal” deny its own definition by rejecting the innocent Frankie Jr.? Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851), an English novelist who was raised by a political philosopher father William Godwin, and her mother was the philosopher and feminist who promoted women’s rights and education. Mary’s mother was dead when Mary was eleven days old and her father married another woman when Mary was four. Godwin provided his daughter with a rich, informal education and encouraging Mary to adhere to his liberal political theories. Mary later married Percy Shelley, one of her father’s political followers. Mary Shelley’s whole life experienced in politics especially the colonization of America; Mary, the heir to her father, the liberal political man, wrote a Gothic Novel Frankenstein to speak up the idea of slavery (in New England (America) but is originated in England) and the ignoring of society toward human issue that violated “All Men Created Equal.” The novel is also supported Shelley’s mother idea of women’s rights and education.
In Frankenstein, Shelley uses connotation, foreshadowing and tragedy to characterize the humanity of the monster and the rejection of society to his needs of love. The monster that Frankenstein had created is not cruel or dangerous as Victor and society think. The creature is friendly and innocent as everyone is who has just born;…

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