Essay on All Men Are Created Equal By Harper Lee

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Throughout history, laws have been implemented to prevent wrongdoings; however, mankind has always found ways to disrupt these laws. The phrase “All men are created equal” is used by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence to impose that as humans, we have the same rights. However, his definition differed from the one we think of today, the owning of slaves clouded Jefferson’s thoughts on this phrase. In the novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, the notion of justice and fairness are called into action when Tom Robinson, a black man is accused and killed over a crime he did not commit. Despite the evidence Atticus Finch had for the case, the jury still convicted Tom Robinson of being guilty because he was a black man at the wrong place at the wrong time. Harper Lee tries to make us reflect on how society is today and the roles we take upon judging if others actions are justified and fair through her novel. The point she tries to establish is even though the notions of justice and fairness might be broken, we should not treat others with regards to who they are but their behaviors as an individual.

The premises of the novel most people tend to think is the injustice and unfairness of a black man being wrongly accused and being killed because of his race, which is not wrong, however, it goes beyond just Tom Robinson. The way people of Maycomb treated Boo Radley as if he were an outcast was also not fair though it might not have been on the same scale as…

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