Essay about All Life Matter Vs. Black Lives Matter

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Argumentative Research Paper: All Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter

Paul Farmer once said that “The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all is wrong with the world.” This simply justifies what has been continuing in the United States which is Racial Discrimination. Knowing that racial discrimination is still persistent in America, African Americans have been one group that is constantly targeted. "Racism has always been America 's Achilles heel in intentional relations.” (HERNDON, LISA.) “Black Americans have had a long and remarkable history of calling on the intentional community to obtain redress for racist practices in the United States. From the days of slavery and Jim Crow to more modem issues of racial discrimination, the plight of Blacks in the United States has continually received world-wide attention. W.E.B. Du Bois eloquently addressed the international dimension of America 's race relations by explaining that "no matter how desperately and firmly we may be interested in the settlement of the race problem in Boston, in Kansas and in the United States, it cannot ultimately be settled without consultation and cooperation with the whole civilized world.” (HERNDON, LISA.) It is evident that there is still a racial division in the USA in the year 2016. For years African Americans have been discriminated against for not looking like whites. While slavery has been banned and outlawed we are still living in a world where blacks are not superior to…

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