All Kids Should Take Poverty 101 By Donna Beegle Essay

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This article I have read is called “All kids should take Poverty 101” by Donna Beegle. In this article she says poverty is something that should not be taken lightly nor should it be a major issue. It’s very simple to fix and it starts with three different things that will be included in this paper. The three things are Education, society and our willingness to change our ignorance.
This is a personal article and in that way the author, Donna Beegle. Is trying to show the readers that poverty is not a joke and that the government should help more than what they have done in the past. The article shows what Donna Beegle and her family had to go through in her life saying her father had to have several jobs and sometimes they would be seasonal and would not fully provide for the family. She also goes on and says that her family was not very educated and that is where most of the problems are in poverty. She saw that the reason we the nation are in poverty is because we do not change our ways of actually teaching kid’s proper ways to maintain money. She says that schools should start teaching poverty 101 a course that will teach students the problems with poverty and show how to avoid these terrible times. She is aware there is some classes similar to this but she wants it to be mandatory to graduate. Donna Beegle has experienced poverty and knows that it’s not easy and she wants to help our country fight her fight and get rid of poverty or at least slow it down.

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