All Groups Of Young Female Friends Essay

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All groups of young female friends consist of many different personalities, strengthening a friendship. Shared interests bring friends together, but their different attributes strengthen their bond. Each friend contributes a dominant characteristic to the group. I have four best friends, and we all bring something different to the table. Personally, I bring kindness to our coterie. Making sure that my smile and thoughtfulness is a constant in our friendship. Whenever a friend needs anything I don’t hesitate to do all I can for them. Having different personalities in a group of female friends makes their bond stronger, whether it’s the jokester, the “bum,” the adventurous friend, or the “mother.”
The jokester is usually not taken seriously because of their comical manner, but they can always make a friend feel better, strengthening the groups bond. Jokesters are seen as only bringing laughter to a group, but it goes deeper than that. Funny friends are actually compassionate beings. Last year my friend Pearl and I were arguing during a basketball game. We were disagreeing about who should get the ball when she purposely tripped and crashed into a bunch of fans. I couldn’t hold in my laughter and totally forgot that we were fighting. We got in trouble from our coach for messing around, but our friendship is still intact because of Pearls silliness. Jokesters are great friends because they can lighten any situation. Furthermore, the “bum” of the group is foreseen as the lazy…

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