All Forms Of Arts Serve As Means Of Expression Of The Human 's Inner Feelings And Desires

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All forms of arts serve as means of expression of the human 's’ inner feelings and desires. In actuality, people have the freedom to express their opinions, judgments, and even the darkest desires in any way they wished. However, some people tend to call any type of expression as art. The reason for this is that the word “art” justifies, in a sense, some corruptive and useless artist works. Although I am in favor of almost all types of artworks, there should be a regulative system which prohibits certain types of works. Since people have the right to freedom of expression, they should also respect the rights of others not to be exposed to some artistic expressions because some of them contrast with their desired educative system. Plato explains in his book The Republic that some kinds of arts should be banished from the State because they corrupt the minds of the young; therefore, I am in much favor for that. This paper will focus on the themes, style and aspects that engage our inner part of the soul that can disorient people from reality.
The 21th century has been categorized as the most acceptable era for the arts and people who do not fit the social expectations because of some deviations. Although today there is nothing wrong with this situation, the exposure to some arts such as film have reinforced this behavior. In order to consider all films as art, they should exhibit some knowledge or awareness that make people think about it. However, there are films of…

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