All Families Have Flowing Relationships Within Them Essay

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All families have flowing relationships within them. The stages of their relationships vary on the experiences each individual shares with another. Such as, some people will not talk to each other because of a bad experience they share, and others grow closer over a hardship they both experienced. But some relationships are flushed with mix emotions, mother and daughter relationships are an example of this. In a typical parent-daughter relationship, daughter listens to mom when she had something important to say. Listening has different stages. The listener has to receive, understand, remember, and evaluate what is being said, so one can respond (DeVito, 2013). Daughter usually skim over the understanding and remembering parts and converse with mom that way. On important matters, daughter would end up making her and/or self upset because daughter was not listening, and one has to follow all five stages in order to listen effectively. Sometimes daughter would get distracted by having lack of focus or being tired or actually being asleep. mom would come in to room and ask me yes-or-no questions while daughter was sleeping, and daughter would answer her. Multiple times, she would not wake me for dinner because daughter told her daughter was not hungry, but daughter did not remember telling her that because daughter was asleep. daughter got mad at her for thinking daughter was awake and for listening to me when daughter was sleep talking. Listening effectively and making…

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