Essay about All Animals Are Equal By Peter Singer

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While there are numerous ethicists arguing for the same issue relating to the whether should animal be granted the equal moral consideration as human on the basis of different stands, Peter Singer is one among them who makes unique ethical theory about it. In his points of view, if it is morally wrong that using one mean that can cause suffering and demise to human being, nor is for other non-human species who can either feel the pain or struggle for living. In the other words, in no stance should animal be excluded from the group of being morally considered. If do so, there is no difference with the what happened in the racism and sexism. In this essay, I will choose the quote from “All Animals Are Equal” written by Peter Singer as my topic and try to divide the whole essay into three parts, which are reconstructed first premise, second premise and the conclusion. The first premise I extract from the quote is “If a being is not capable of suffering, or of experiencing enjoyment or happiness, there is nothing to be take in to account” (Singer, 1974). In the other way to say is that, the ability of being suffered and of enjoying happiness is the basic requirement for beings to have interest. When other philosophers argue for the other factors such as IQ indicator, rational mentality, which are always the other species lack, as being essential element preventing other species from getting the moral consideration, Peter Singer argues that any being, once it has the capacity…

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