Essay about All American Dream

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All-American Dream

In the United States people take pride in anything that can do and watch on television, one of those is sports. In towns everyone knows the best athlete, the hometown hero, and everything that comes with that title. Some athletes go off to college and if they succeed at that level, people from all around will take notice to what that person says, on and off the field, and how they treat other people. The very small percentage of athletes that can make a living off of a sport that they love to do, is a very special thing. The phenomenal athletes that can make that happen are role models for children, teens, and some adults. People will quote things from the best leaders, motivators and competitors to share with their children, students, colleagues, and fellow athletes. Being a three sport athlete has given me the full experience of being around those great athletes and how being around them has impacted my life in between the white lines and sitting at a desk.

I thoroughly enjoy playing sports, I have since I was a little boy, and sports are a huge part of my family. At all family gatherings after we eat and have fun outside, we gather around the table or the television and either talk of sports or watch them. The sports I have chosen to play are Football, Basketball, and soccer, therefore each of these sports has given me different skills, mentalities, and a special work ethic.

The Newark Football team, for the past ten years, has been…

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