All Adults Should Be Responsible For Their Own Choice Essay

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All adults should be prepared to take responsibility for their own actions. If a gambler stakes his last £10 on a horse, he should be prepared to go hungry that night if his horse does not win. The gambler takes the risk and must accept the consequences. It is not only money that individuals will gamble with, some people regularly make choices which risk their health and like the gambler going to bed hungry, they should be prepared to have to pay for their decisions.

A subject that often arouses strong feelings, is whether the National Health Service should charge patients who require treatment for a self-inflicted injury, illness or disease? Every man and woman may feel entitled to live their lives as safely or as dangerously as they wish,
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Similarly, it is argued that the continual barrage of advertisements for fast food restaurants, confectionaries and sugary drinks, purposely styled and focused on the younger age group, influence people to make bad lifestyle choices from an early age. The inference that people are so easily influenced, that they lose all self-control, the contention being that as we have been led astray, we are therefore not at fault and should not be held accountable for any of the consequences including increased healthcare needs. This argument is completely unreasonable. The advertising of tobacco products has been banned for many years and there is actually a more significant proportion of advertisements and television programmes which endorse the benefits of healthy lifestyles and good dietary choices. Countless documentaries have been broadcast which report on the health problems that smoking, alcohol consumption and drug use create. Many other television programmes expound the virtues of healthy lifestyles. This must surely create a positive counter-influence on the population as least as great as the more harmful variety.

Fundamentally it should also be borne in mind that everybody has the ability to make up their own mind on how they treat their bodies. An ignorance of the facts, or an inability to resist temptation is no excuse for destroying one’s health and expecting the National Health Service to pick up the pieces. It is therefore not unreasonable to expect people to act with more responsibility in terms of their own health and to accept the financial consequences of their personal

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