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We have all met successful leaders that we wondered what enabled them to be effective.
Some were like diamonds, smooth and some are rough. Some are charming and some…..lets that leave it at that. However you see yourself, whatever your age may be, as soon as you are the one who makes decisions or exercises authority or make that exciting first hire, you have taken the first steps in becoming a powerful leader.
While research suggests that the possession of certain traits alone does not guarantee leadership success, there is evidence that effective leaders are different from other people in certain key respects. Stogdill (1948) concludes a person does not become a leader by virtue of the possession of some combination of
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During my time as a noncommissioned officer assigned to both Basic and Senior Leadership Academies, I have learned total quality management approaches are one way in which to manage a school and classroom. Glasser (1998) emphasizes that leaders manage things while they lead people in the books. He authors that Total Quality Management (TQM) delineates things such as finances and inventories as manageable but people are to be led. William Glasser emphasizes those leaders manage things while they lead people. I have had the fortune to have worked with an excellent supervisor who had taught me a lot and even though did not always agree, it was always about figuring out what was best for the leadership school and student environment.
Truthfully, he encouraged the push back method for his main concern revolved around “what was right” as opposed to “being right”. The two years with him as an instructor stood out as one of the best learning experiences that I have ever had for his focuses were on the organization and the students. A leader, effective or not will sometimes find themselves in a dilemma or situation where they have to trust their instinct and sense of judgment. One attribute of good leadership is the ability to discern right and wrong; and also making the right decisions when in a dilemma. This is when a leader finds themselves managing the learning environment,

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