Essay Alienation From The Book ' House Made Of Dawn '

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Alienation Able in the book “House Made of Dawn” feels alienated from his tribe his family and basically the world. Many people feel this way, not only does this make you feel like an outsider but it also makes you feel like a loaner. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines alienation as a withdrawing or separation of a person or person’s affections from an object or position of former attachment… alienation from the values of one 's society and family. Sometimes people refer to someone in the family as the black sheep if they are alienated from their family. Able shoes several signs of alienation from the beginning of the book until almost the end. This paper will discuss the effect that alienation played out in the book by Able and how he overcame alienation. “He did not know who his father was. His father was a Navajo, the said, or a Sia, or a Isleta, an outsider anyway, which made him and his mother a Vidal somehow foreign and strange. Francisco was the man of the family, but even then the boy could sense his grandfather’s age, just as he knew somehow that his mother was soon going to die of her illness. It was nothing he was told, but he knew it anyway and without understands, as he knew already the motion of the sun and the seasons. He was tired then, and rode home in the wagon beside his mother and listened to his grandfather sing. His mother died in October, and for a long time afterward he would not go near her grave, and he remembered that she had been beautiful in…

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