Alienation, From Other Men, And From Our World Essay

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Society believes that there are three forms of alienation – from ourselves, from other men, and from our world. Alienation of Jerry in Albee’s “Zoo Story” was his inadequacy of being a human being in relation to the world. He sees the world as an object of perception and is distance from the world, rather than living with it.
Jerry meets Peter. Jerry and Peter are as dissimilar as possible. Peter is a respectable citizen, a husband and father of two girls, two cat and two parakeets. He is a successful man in his early forties and in good shape. He’s a regular guy who conforms to social norms. Jerry on the other hand is in his late thirties, not in good shape and lives alone in a boarding house on the opposite side of town. Peter portrayed as a normal everyday guy and Jerry portrayed as transient with two empty picture frames.
PETER: “About those two empty picture frames.”
JERRY: “I don’t see why they need any explanation at all. Isn’t it clear? I don’t have pictures of anyone to put in them.” (1912).
These two men have contrasting personalities and ways of life. Peter lives in companionship with his family and Jerry lives in a place that everyone is isolated from the other. Jerry lets Peter know this when he said, “Well, no; it isn’t an apartment in the East Seventies. But, then again, I don’t have one wife, two daughters, two cats and two parakeets” (1912).
Jerry’s need for communication. We are first made aware of Jerry’s inadequacy immediately when…

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