Alienation And Loneliness Of Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein Essay

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Alienation and loneliness existed since the beginning of humankind. Throughout time man has been isolated physically and emotionally. Individuals often feel isolated because of their views on a certain topic, social status, or appearance. People view others who deviate from the world of social normality as a cause of corruption in society and a threat to their welfare. The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley explores this theme of alienation and loneliness. Mary Shelley portrays her real life situations through this novel as she herself suffered from loneliness after many of her family members died when she was at a very young age. Victor Frankenstein and his creation were two of the characters in this novel that experienced alienation and isolation. Mary Shelley uses these characters to establish the consequences of being isolated. Victor is an ambitious character who isolates himself from society in order to attain knowledge about the secrets of human life. Driven by his hubris, Victor succeeds in bringing into life a monster made out of stolen body parts from nearby cemeteries. On the other hand, the monster came in to this world abandoned since the moment he gained consciousness. The monster’s only purpose was to find a companion and to feel accepted. Victor Frankenstein’s alienation and the creature’s loneliness cause despair and violence, thereby emphasizing the necessity for social relationships and acceptance.
Victor Frankenstein’s negligent and irresponsible…

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