Essay about Alice 's Adventures, By Lewis Carroll And Tim Burton

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In both stories of Alice in Wonderland (1865) (2010) by Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton, Alice relies on imaginary characters as archetypes guides and helpmates to help better herself throughout her adventure in Wonderland. From beginning to end, Alice Kingsley fought her own battles, whether they were against herself, or against an external force. If it weren’t for the imaginative characters created by Carroll, found throughout Alice’s adventure, or the adventure itself, she would have been unable to move forward in her real life outside of Wonderland. Although Burton was able to base majority of his film off of Carroll’s novel, he was still able to use his own interpretation, giving his version of the story more depth and meaning. The two versions of Alice’s adventure have their differences, while still showing their similarities in major events, allowing the audience to use each the author and director’s interpretations for a better understanding of the symbols found throughout each version. In both the novel written by Carroll and the recent movie directed by Burton, it is apparent that Alice has created Wonderland as a place to help better herself emotionally. By using the film, one is able to see the growth in Alice as she progresses throughout the story, it isn’t as conspicuous in the novel because it lacks the extra detail added by Burton. At the beginning of the movie, Alice is unable to tell Hamish how she truly feels about him, instead she runs off chasing the…

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