Alice Walker 's How I Met My Husband Essay

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The utilization of irony in any work of literature can elevate a seemingly simple pretense of a storyline into one with depth and profundity. In “How I Met My Husband” by Alice Munro, the situational irony present in both the main plot and the subplots increases the suspense that is already prevalent in the superficial aspect of the main scenario of the story. Alice Walker demonstrates the effect of irony in “Everyday Use” by evoking the internal thoughts and emotions of the mother in a narrative with no outward descriptions of her feelings. Irony is used in each of these situations to provide a new layer to both stories beyond that of the initial interpretation. “How I Met My Husband” by Alice Munro and “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker effectively employ the use of irony to provide a multi-faceted aspect to outwardly simplistic situations.
The effect of irony in “How I Met My Husband” is prevalent through the increase of the element of suspense, which is perhaps the most integral aspect of this narrative. Based merely upon the title, the reader has an expectation as to what the conclusion will contain, and therefore any unforeseen development, which can possibly be regarded as an obstacle to that expectation, heightens the uncertainty as to what will ultimately occur. The introduction of the character of Alice Kelling can be considered an example of this idea. After Edie begins to realize her “love” for Chris Watters, the situational irony through the unexpected revelation…

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