Alice Munro 's How I Met My Husband And James Joyce 's Araby Essay

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In Alice Munro’s “How I Met My Husband” and James Joyce’s “Araby,” the use of a first-person narrator who is the mature version of the young protagonist is the most important element of the story because it provides a before and after perspective of this pivotal life story so the readers can compare them to get a full sense of the story’s impact on the protagonist. Edie and the narrator of “Araby” come to their own realization about intimacy and optimism respectively, as shown through the comparison between the actions of the younger protagonist and the description of the story told by the older protagonist.
In “How I Met My Husband,” the fist-person narration hints at how Edie has matured and understood more about intimacy after her story than her previous naïve younger self did. It is evident that Edie was very romantically inexperienced, as shown through her actions. She was oblivious to the mysterious man’s flirting, not realizing how serious and rare it was for men to call women beautiful. The only experience Edie had that was close to romance was when she “kissed a boy on a dare before, and kissed [her] own arms for practice” (658). The first person narrator is able to point this out because she has become more mature and experience, and hence uses her wisdom to point these things out. This inexperience explains her lack of knowledge that a couple could do more physical activities than just kissing, that intimacy means so much more than just a peck on the lips.…

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