Alice Munro 's Boys And Girls Essay

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Alice Munro’s Boys and Girls and Kate Chopin’s The Story of an Hour are both coming of age stories that deal with emotions felt during a major life change. The girl in Boys and Girls is coping with her emotional and physical changes as she goes from a being a girl to a young woman. Louise Mallard, in The Story of an Hour, is coping with the sudden death of her husband, the complex emotions she feels at that loss, and the jubilation she feels at suddenly gaining her freedom. The authors show how each the main character in each story attempts to buck traditional gender roles, but they do so at different stages in their lives. Each young woman handles the changes differently, largely because of the differences in the ages between the two when the life changing events occur. Although each story has a very different ending, each young woman reverts back to her traditional gender role in the end. In Alice Munro’s Boys and Girls, the main character is a young girl who is struggling with making the transition from young girl to young woman. At first she rejects this transition and she fights against the changes. When the story begins, the girl is an obedient child who will delightedly do anything her father asks and she despises all traditional feminine clothing and chores; she is a typical tomboy. “One time a feed salesman came down into the pens to talk to

him and my father said, ‘Like to have you meet my new hired man.’ I turned away and raked furiously, red in the face…

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