Alice Munro the Found Boat Essay

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Alice Munro
The Found Boat

At the end of Bell Street, McKay Street, Mayo Street, there was the Flood. It was the Wawanash River, which every spring overflowed its banks. Some springs, say one in every five, it covered the roads on that side of town and washed over the fields, creating a shallow choppy take. Light reflected off the water made every- thing bright and cold, as it is in a lakeside town, and woke or revived in people certain vague hopes of disaster. Mostly during the late afternoon and early evening, there were people straggling out to took at it, and discuss whether it was still rising, and whether this time it might invade the town. In general, those under fifteen and over sixty-five were most certain that it would.
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It was pushed up among the branches, lying on what would have been its side, if it had a side, the prow caught high.
Their idea came to them without consultation, at the same time: 'You guys! Hey, you guys!" 'We found you a boat!"
"Stop building your stupid raft and come and took at the boat!'

What surprised them in the first place was that the boys really did come, scrambling overland, half running, half sliding down the bank, wanting to see.
'Hey, where?' 'Where is it, I don't see no boat."
What surprised them in the second place was that when the boys did actually see what boat was meant, this old flood-smashed wreck held up in the branches, they did not understand that they had been footed, that a joke had been played on them. They did not show a moment's disappointment, but seemed as pleased at the discovery as if the boat had been whole and new. They were already barefoot, because they had been wading in the water to get lumber, and they waded in here without a stop, surrounding the boat and appraising it and paying no attention even of an insulting kind to Eva and Carol who bobbed up and down on their log. Eva and Carol had to call to them.
'How do you think you’re going to get it off.?' "It won't float anyway.'
'What makes you think it will float?' 'It'll sink. Glub-blub-blub, you’ll all be drownded."
The boys did not answer, because they were too busy walking around the boat, pulling at it in a testing way to see how it could be got off with

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