Alice In Wonderland Literary Analysis Essay

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Register to read the introduction… A white rabbit with pink eyes, wearing a waistcoat, carrying a pocket watch, and speaking English, is enough to reveal the imagination a child’s mind possesses. Alice following the rabbit down the hole shows the curiosity she, like most other children, has. She follows the rabbit throughout Wonderland, almost as if it’s a guide. The rabbit can also be seen as an older figure in Alice’s life that sparks the curiosity into adulthood for her. Alice sees something intriguing in that person and their being older that gets her curious as to what it might be, just as a talking rabbit might spring her interest. She looks up to them and wants to have the qualities they do. Alice follows the rabbit as she would this person to quench her curiosity and see exactly what is going on in this part of life that Alice is so far naive …show more content…
The part of a child that tries to reason with themselves on what is best, whether it is to stay mad, or to be sane, to be a kid, or to grow up. The cat says they are all mad in Wonderland; you have to be mad to live there. By this the cat is saying Alice wouldn’t have gotten to Wonderland, a place of such imagination, had she not still had the mind and imagination of a child. The cat also mentions it is Alice’s decision on where to go. Alice asks, “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” The cat responds, “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to”. The cat is saying here that it is Alice’s decision on whether or not she wants to grow up. She has the opportunity, but it’s not necessary to become an adult yet if she chooses not to. There is that little voice in all of us still as we live. We long to act like a child sometimes, whether it is to play in the playground, or cry to our mothers. There are times that we would rather be a child than deal with the stressors of being an adult. We have to make the conscious, and sometimes unconscious, decision to behave in one way or another. This is the cat. The one who points this out to us and shows the pros of

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