An Archetypal Hero In Alice's Journey To Wonderland

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Alice resembles an archetypal hero because her journey to Wonderland challenged her knowledge, changed her perception of the society through the events she experienced and the creatures she met, and indirectly sacrificed something for others’ well-being. Alice is a young English noble whose curiosity brought her to a queer place called Wonderland. Alice, coming from a middle-class family, is an educated and well-mannered young lady, and she is proud of this. She is very adventurous and liked to explore but she can be naïve and easily confused. Relating Alice to an archetypal hero, the archetypal hero must go through a quest, undergo an initiation, and become a sacrificial scapegoat. In the quest, the hero must go through a long journey with …show more content…
We have also realized that there are meanings behind everything that is written on the novel. We assume that the events in the novel were based on real life, which we think is true since Alice herself is a representation of a real-life Alice. This theory helped us to further understand the novel because Alice is the main character, and almost all things will revolve around her. Everything is connected to her so we were actually able to analyze not only Alice, but also the selfish King and Queen of Hearts, the anxious White Rabbit, the mysterious Cheshire cat, and more. Our understanding improved, with the help of this theory, through realizing that all of the adventures in Alice’s dreams weren’t just queer adventures but adventures that are somehow relevant to their society. Throughout the novel, we’ve seen Alice turn into a more mature child by not being as ignorant as she was when she first entered Wonderland, and by being more reasonable in asking why do such things happen in that place. With Alice becoming more mature after the adventure in her dream, her experiences would help her become more understanding of their society. The significance of our analysis is that without relating Alice to an archetypal hero, the novel would not make enough

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