Alice In Virginia Woolf's Go Ask Alice

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The book Go Ask Alice tells the story of a teenage girl who shares the struggles and temptations she faces as a teenager. Every day teenagers are faced with temptation, some stronger than others, some give in easier, but we all go through it. She is trapped. She has no one to go to, no one to open up to — which leads to the start of a diary in which she tells all of her secrets.

Go Ask Alice has been classified as a banned book. Banned or challenged books are usually restricted with the best intentions to protect others from difficult ideas and information. A challenge is an attempt to remove or restrict materials based upon the objects of a person or group. A banning is the removal of those materials. Throughout history,
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In the beginning of the books she shares her reasoning of the start of her diary — her adolescent agony of boys, weight gain, sexuality, that she is uncomfortable at school, and that she can’t relate to her parents. Her father, who is a college professor, receives a job advancement opportunity which causes her family to move, which relieve a lot of Alice’s worrying. The move is very difficult for Alice at first. During all of the adjusting in a new town, Alice feels like an outcast in both her town and school. Almost immediately, she comes into the acquaintance of a girl named Beth, who soon becomes her closest friend. When Beth leaves for a summer camp, Alice goes to stay with her grandparents. Soon after staying with her grandparents, Alice reunites with a friend named Jill who invites her to a party. At the party, Alice plays a game with the people there and she unknowingly takes LCD. She experiences a drug trip and though she is curious, she vows to herself not to do drugs again. Almost immediately, Alice happily experiences with acid and loses her virginity. When she returns home from her grandparents’ she is hooked on powerful tranquilizers and is also worried that she may be pregnant. Alice meets a girl named Chris who she soon connects and relates with. They begin to use drugs at school and become popular amongst their classmates. One of …show more content…
Every day teenagers have the same temptations and misfortunes thrown into their life and do not know what to do. Many kids feel as if they can’t talk to anybody — as if they must keep their life a secret. Every day kids get pushed to the limit over the things they’re experiencing in their lives and most parents are blind to it. The problems in our society aren’t new — they’ve always been there. The only thing new is the technology, the social media, and the access to multiple new things we have. I think this novel would benefit teenagers. All of the reasons that this book was banned are real reasons in society. I believe teens need to be aware of the temptations that they have an ability of facing. Teens also need to have someone to open up to. Alice kept a diary because all she did was bundle up her secrets which pushed her to the edge multiple times. Teenagers need to feel like they're not alone. They need to know temptations can be prevented, and they can stop. They need hope, they need a guide, and they also need someone to relate to. Also, not only do I think it would be beneficial to teens, but also adults. Parents need to be aware that their children will eventually come to a point in their life where peer pressure will take control and they won't know what to do. I think reading this book would make teens and parents aware of the issues, warned to face the issues, and scared of both the

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